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Violent video games are much more likely to be trotted out as an excuse, however, in certain situations. For a forthcoming study, Dr. Ivory and his colleagues studied 6,814 news accounts of mass shootings. They found that in coverage of mass school shootings specifically, video games were more than eight times as likely to be brought up when the shooter is white than when the shooter is black.

The behaviour of the British and wider European elite towards migrants is not simple inhumanity. It is strategic inhumanity. It is weaponised inhumanity designed to convince populations fracturing under hammer-blows of austerity and economic chaos that the enemy is out there, that there is an “us” that must be protected from “them”.

It’s hard to overstate the devastation to some people’s lives from having their names published as part of this hack: not only to their relationships with their spouses and children but to their careers, reputations, and – depending on where they live – possibly their liberty or even life. What appears on the internet is permanent and inescapable. All of the people whose names appear in this data base will now be permanently branded with a digital “A.” Whether they actually did what they are accused of will be irrelevant: digital lynch mobs offer no due process or appeals. And it seems certain that many of the people whose lives are harmed, or ruined, by this hack will have been guilty of nothing.

But the harmfulness of conspiracy theory arguably goes much deeper than this. It’s not just that conspiracy belief sometimes causes people to do terrible things. It’s that attachment to the conspiracy worldview violates important norms of trust and forbearance that are central to how we relate to each other and the wider world.

It's become known as the Aarhus Model, a programme designed in Denmark's second city to dissuade young people from going to fight for al-Qaeda or Islamic State. Thirty travelled to Syria in 2013 but only two so far this year - and only one in 2014. Ahmed is one young man who was convinced, a few years ago, to draw back from the first step on a path that could have ended in jihad.

“One thing that occurs to me is the behavior of the tobacco companies denying the connection between smoking and lung cancer for the sake of profits, but this is an order of magnitude greater moral offence, in my opinion, because what is at stake is the fate of the planet, humanity, and the future of civilisation, not to be melodramatic.”

The reason you should boycott bottled water is because it enables a bullshit, backwards vision for society.

Boycotting bottled water means you support the idea that public access to clean, safe water is not only a basic human right, but that it’s a goddamn technological triumph worth protecting. It means you believe that ensuring public access to this resource is the only way to guarantee it will be around in a few more years.

Au final, que retenir de cet éditorial ? L'image d'une Europe condamnée aux « ajustements », refusant toute solidarité interne et en même temps toute différence, montant les peuples les uns contre les autres, établissant une démocratie sur la base de critères économiques. L'Europe dont rêve Arnaud Leparmentier n'est en fait qu'un immense gâchis.

In a world where profit is consistently put before both people and the planet, climate economics has everything to do with ethics and morality. Because if we agree that endangering life on earth is a moral crisis, then it is incumbent on us to act like it.

La sous-enchère salariale fait l’unanimité contre elle. Personne ne défend les conditions de travail abusives en vigueur sur certains chantiers, qui ne respectent pas les règles et les usages locaux.

Mais serions-nous plus tolérants si nous pouvions commander, via une application smartphone, des ouvriers étrangers demandant des salaires de misère sans cotisations sociales?

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Les secteurs de l’hôtellerie et des taxis étant universellement détestés, le débat public s’est rapidement résumé à l’image d’audacieux précurseurs bousculant des rentiers poussifs et dépourvus d’imagination. Une présentation aussi biaisée masque un fait essentiel : ces courageux champions de l’« économie du partage » évoluent dans un univers mental caractéristique du XIXe siècle. Dans leur système, le travailleur, radicalement individualisé, ne bénéficie que d’une protection sociale symbolique ; il assume les risques qui pesaient auparavant sur les employeurs ; ses possibilités de négociation collective se réduisent à néant.

Beau texte sur la représentation du handicap dans Mad Max: Fury Road.

I am turning 30 years old next week. I’ve been a fan of action film my entire life. And I have NEVER seen a physically disabled, kickass, female lead character in a Hollywood movie EVER – not once, until yesterday.

En démocratie, on ne condamne pas quelqu’un pour ses opinions, mais pour le passage à l’acte. La République française, à partir de 1881, part de la liberté individuelle et pas du contrôle étatique. Elle n’est pas robespierriste, il ne faudrait pas qu’elle le devienne. On oublie que la loi de 1905 sur la séparation des églises et de l’Etat garantit la liberté de pratique religieuse dans l’espace public. Elle impose la neutralité à l’Etat, pas à la société.

If you scoff at the parallels I’m drawing, you need to question why. Because the disparity here is directly related to gender, and being a girl is used as an insult more often than it’s celebrated. Look at the advert that caused a stir at this year’s Super Bowl, Always’ #LikeAGirl campaign, in which adults asked to “run like a girl” and “throw like a girl” did some floppy and flailing parody of those actions—and then young girls, not yet taught to doubt themselves and their bodies, ran and threw with graceful strength and confidence.

Que peut-être, quand on dit que le vrai truc important c’est l’égalité des salaires, et qu’il faut commencer par ça, peut-être que justement il faut commencer par l’autre bout des choses. Peut-être que le jour où on arrêtera d’apprendre à nos gosses qu’il y a des couleurs, des jeux, des métiers pour filles et des pour garçons, peut-être que quand on commencera à accepter les féminins de mots traditionnellement masculins, peut-être que quand on arrêtera de rire grassement à la blague d’un pote qui commente pas méchamment pour rire les cuisses d’une fille qui passe dans la rue, peut-être que quand on aura mené ces combats ô combien dérisoires, d’eux-mêmes, sans révolution, les gens se mettront à payer les femmes du même salaire que les hommes.