How Dark Souls speedrunners exploited death to create the perfect skip

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Fascinante exploration de la façon dont certaines communautés de joueur parviennent à exploiter des bugs incroyablement subtils pour répondre à leurs propres défis.

If you fall off a ledge in Dark Souls, it activates a camera as you drop, showing your character from the top down. It assumes you're as good as dead at that point. Your character dies shortly after. Anticipating that, the game stops loading new objects as soon as the death camera is triggered. If you're far enough away from Sen's Gate when the death camera turns on, the game will just decide not to ever load the gate or its collision. If you're too far though, the floor leading to the fortress won't be loaded either. Capitaine needed to find a place he could trick the game into not quite killing him just close enough to the fortress.

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